College Students Believe Hookah Safer Than Cigarettes Despite Evidence to the Contrary

Tampa, FL (Dec. 11, 2014) — Despite emerging evidence otherwise, many college students consider hookah smoking safer than smoking cigarettes, reports a University of South Florida (USF) College of Public Health study published this month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The study, appearing online in the CDC journal Preventing Chronic Disease, […]

Twitter Posts Provide Insight on Mental Illness

Johns Hopkins computers scientists, who have already used Twitter posts to track flu cases, say their techniques also show promise as a tool to gather important information about some common mental illnesses. By reviewing tweets from users who publicly mentioned their diagnosis and by looking for language cues linked to certain disorders, the researchers say, […]

Smoking Still Causes Large Proportion of Cancer Deaths in the United States

ATLANTA – December 9, 2014- A new American Cancer Society study finds that despite significant drops in smoking rates, cigarettes continue to cause about three in ten cancer deaths in the United States. The study, appearing in the Annals of Epidemiology, concludes that efforts to reduce smoking prevalence as rapidly as possible should be a […]

Mediterranean Diet Linked to Longer Life

The diet seems to be associated with a known marker of aging The Mediterranean diet has been consistently linked with health benefits, including reduced mortality and reduced risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease. It is characterised by a high intake of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes (such as peas, beans and lentils), and (mainly […]

Blows to Head Damage Brain’s ‘Garbage Truck,’ Accelerate Dementia

A new study out today in the Journal of Neuroscience shows that traumatic brain injury can disrupt the function of the brain’s waste removal system. When this occurs, toxic proteins may accumulate in the brain, setting the stage for the onset of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and chronic traumatic encephalopathy. “We know that traumatic […]

FDA Finalizes Calorie Labeling Rules for Menus and Vending Machine

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today finalized two rules requiring that calorie information be listed on menus and menu boards in chain restaurants, similar retail food establishments and vending machines with 20 or more locations to provide consumers with more nutritional information about the foods they eat outside of the home. The rules are […]

High School Football Players Demonstrate Brain Changes After Only One Season

“This study adds to the growing body of evidence that a season of play in a contact sport can affect the brain in the absence of clinical findings,” said Christopher T. Whitlow, M.D., Ph.D., M.H.A., associate professor of radiology at Wake Forest School of Medicine and radiologist at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, […]

A Child is Treated in a US Emergency Rooms Every 3 Minutes for a Toy-related Injury

‘Tis the season for toys. Children are writing lists full of them, and parents are standing in lines (or tapping on computers) trying to find them. Playing with toys this season or any other is an important way for children to develop, learn, and explore. But anyone planning to buy new toys, or anyone with […]

E-cigarettes Shown to Significantly Reduce Tobacco Cravings

By the end of the 8-month study, 21 percent of study participants had stopped smoking tobacco altogether and an additional 23 percent cut the number of tobacco cigarettes they smoked per day by half Electronic cigarettes offer smokers a realistic way to kick their tobacco smoking addiction. In a new study published in the International […]

Is Soda Killing Us? High-fructose Diet in Adolescence May Exacerbate Depression

Animal study shows that diet alters important pathways associated with brain’s response to stress The consumption of a diet high in fructose throughout adolescence can worsen depressive- and anxiety-like behavior and alter how the brain responds to stress, according to new animal research scheduled for presentation at Neuroscience 2014, the annual meeting of the Society […]

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