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Severe Sleep Apnea Linked to Increased Risk of Stroke, Cancer and Death

DARIEN, IL – A new study shows that moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea is independently associated with an increased risk of stroke, cancer and death. Results of the 20-year follow-up study show that people with moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea were four times more likely to die (hazard ratio = 4.2), nearly four […]

Survey Links Teen Binge Drinking and Alcohol-brand References in Pop Music

PITTSBURGH, April 8, 2014 – Binge drinking by teenagers and young adults is strongly associated with liking, owning and correctly identifying music that references alcohol by brand name, according to a study by the University of Pittsburgh and Norris Cotton Cancer Center. Based on a national, randomized survey of more than 2,500 people ages 15 […]

Dwindling Visibility of Tobacco in Prime Time TV Linked to Decline in Smokers

The dwindling visibility of tobacco products in prime time US TV drama programs may be linked to a fall in smoking prevalence of up to two packs of cigarettes per adult a year, suggests research published online in the journal Tobacco Control. The impact may be as much as half of that exerted by pricing, […]

Study Reveals That Body Odor Changes Following Vaccinations

PHILADELPHIA (April 2, 2014) – Our understanding of the role of body odor in conveying personal information continues to grow. New research from the Monell Chemical Senses Center and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reveals that immunization can trigger a distinct change in body odor. This is the first demonstration of a bodily odor […]

Schools See Little Success in Reducing Bullying

Two UCLA professors who conducted the most thorough analysis to date of studies on school bullying have found that K-12 schools’ efforts to curtail bullying are often disappointing. The study revealed that schools are trying many different approaches to protect students, and while the more comprehensive programs have been the most effective, they require substantial […]

Lowering Your Cholesterol Can Improve Your Sex Life

A new Rutgers study is giving hope to older men concerned about the effects of cholesterol-lowering medications on their sexual health. The research, conducted at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, found that statin medication prescribed to lower cholesterol and decrease the chance of heart attack and stroke, also improves a man’s erectile function. The […]

Gen X Obesity a Major Problem

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have confirmed that if current trends continue, Australia’s Generation X will overtake Baby Boomers for poor health, including rates of obesity and diabetes, which could have huge implications for healthcare and the workforce. In a paper published in the online journal PLOS ONE, University of Adelaide researchers compared the […]

More severe heart disease found in patients with vitamin D deficiency

WASHINGTON (March 27, 2014) — Vitamin D deficiency is an independent risk factor for heart disease with lower levels of vitamin D being associated with a higher presence and severity of coronary artery disease, according to research to be presented at the American College of Cardiology’s 63rd Annual Scientific Session. A growing body of research […]

New Study Shows No Evidence of Actual Addiction to Porn

Journalists and psychologists are quick to describe someone as being a porn “addict,” yet there’s no strong scientific research that shows such addictions actually exists. Slapping such labels onto the habit of frequently viewing images of a sexual nature only describes it as a form of pathology. These labels ignore the positive benefits it holds. […]

Substance in Oregano Oil is Effective Against Norovirus

Scientists have found that carvacrol – the substance in oregano oil that gives the pizza herb its distinctive warm, aromatic smell and flavour – is effective against norovirus, causing the breakdown of the virus’ tough outer coat. The research is published today (12 February) in the Society for Applied Microbiology’s Journal of Applied Microbiology. Norovirus, […]

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