Plucking Up

The chore of thinning plants is always laced with a hint of melancholy. As the weather warms and plants emerge from the ground,  it’s a visual affirmation that winter has released its grip and that the fruits of my labor have succeeded. But just like most human endeavors gardening is a game of percentages and […]

Frost Protection via

Changes in consumer shopping habits have forever altered the face of the retail experience. Amazon has led the way with it’s Prime subscription. With it, many items we would typically buy in brick and mortar stores can instead be delivered to our door for the same price and quite often for even less. While businesses grapple […]

Implements of Destruction

In the 23 minute satirical song ”Alice’s Restaurant,”  Arlo Guthrie makes mention of having to clean up a pile of trash with “implements of destruction.”  It was a term I became instantly fond of because the line between productive work and wanton destruction can be particularly tenuous when hand tools are involved.  I remember one tool that I […]

Garden Planning 2014

The arrival of spring has many of us thumbing through seed catalogs making great plans for another growing season. I have a small plot behind the garage but am looking to expand the garden (yet again). I’m a little behind in my planning because of the snow and because  I am taking a different approach […]

Refrigerator Hydroponics

Fresh greens are a staple in our house because we eat a lot of salad, but foraging through the groceries from here to Winchester to locate decent produce presents a constant challenge. Food Max has a great produce aisle but for salad supplies Costco is a nice resource because the bulk packaging meshes well with […]

First Frost of 2013

We finally got our first hard frost here in Berryville Va last week and it certainly did its work. The vestiges of the summer crops were zapped and have to be removed. It’s interesting to watch what remains. The parsley is hugging the ground and looking great and the beets seem to have been revived […]

Thai Basil Delight

I have been perennially frustrated with the Basil I have put in the garden. It has underperformed and always bolted too quickly. This year however a colleague turned me on to the Kitazawa Seed Company . It is the oldest seed company in America specializing in Asian vegetable seeds. I bought a collection of greens, radishes and peppers but […]

A Seedling Intervention

Whenever I accompany my wife on shopping trips that lead us to the ‘Marts I find myself wandering off to the garden centers. These are not the specialty offerings that avid gardners really enjoy, rather they are a more streamlined garden supplies that will have mass appeal. Despite that, it is sometimes interesting to see […]

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